Hello and welcome to my site. Here you will find my mumblings, mutterings and meanderings which I’m disposed to call “writing”. This is a weird activity I have indulged in since I was about nine years old and had a story “The Canary” published in the school magazine. Not only was this my first published work it was also the first time I came across the concept of plagiarism. My sister, having read the story, accused me of nicking it from elsewhere. I plead the fifth amendment.

Teenage angst occupied my…well teenage years…and it wasn’t until I married and moved to a farm in the Yorkshire Dales that I picked up my pen again and wrote articles and features for magazines, regional newspapers, indie radio and even, in a heady moment, for BBC Radio 4.

From a farm in the Dales I graduated to a divorce and the realities of paying my bills so I got myself a “proper” job and confined my writing to professional journals.

After yet another of life’s little tsunami’s I found myself alone, living on the East Coast of Yorkshire and in a moment of beverage-assisted bravado cried – a plague on all your houses – burnt my income-earning bridges, moved to France and decided from here on in I would write. That’s the theory.

So, on this site you’ll find stuff…stuff about my latest non-fiction epic “Close to the Edge- Tales from the Holderness Coast”; stuff about my life in France in the blog pages and, if I can find out how to make it work, stuff about my latest endeavour a book of short spooky stories in search of a title (and publisher).

Now, that’s enough about me. What about you? What are you reading? What do you write? How’s life for you? Technically I have about 300 followers for my blog however only about a handful appear to manifest themselves. Don’t be one of the missing 295. Don’t be shy. Get in touch. An email sent to:

Sheila@writeonthebeach.co.uk will generally find me.

If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading.

One thought on “Home

  1. Hello! I’m very glad to have found you in an idle moment playing tag lotto in my wordpress reader. I shall enjoy following you and send greetings from my little nook in Cantal :)

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