Vanity, thy name is Publishing

About eight months ago I sent a pitch to a publisher for a non-fiction book, (at the moment self-help/business are my main writing streams with a few short stories sandwiched in between). I got a reply from them which said “great idea, very interesting but you don’t have a large enough marketing platform to make it worth our while to publish.” The editor went on to explain that for non-fiction books the author’s marketing platform was as important, as the book itself! I wonder whether in fact the marketing platform is becoming more important – but that’s another post.

It was this rejection that got me looking seriously at self-publishing and e-publishing – once patronisingly and demeaningly called vanity publishing. I’ve always hated that term and I’m pleased to see it is slipping out of use as more and more of us take to self and e-publishing. And why wouldn’t we? We’re more in control of what happens to our work and how it’s presented; potentially we can earn more from it and we have the ability to direct the marketing as we see fit. If you need to know more about how it works take a look at this site: Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful.

So self-publishing is the road I’ve chosen to go down, for now. It fits nicely with my “proper job” – that of a learning and development professional and it’s quick to publish once the book is written so I can take advantage of trends and current themes.

On that note I thought I’d share a little fantasy I’ve created where in a Utopian world, after an explosion of self-publishing across the globe, the tables are turned and editors are feverishly looking to partner themselves with authors. I see me holding a beauty parade of editors, each submissively pitching to me for the privilege of publishing my work. I tie them up in excruciating detail about how they would bring my work to the attention of the world; I exact advances and royalties using a choice selection of eye-watering devices whereupon they fall to their knees (if they’re not already on them, that is) in devotion and gratitude. I call it 50 Shades of Editors.
Well I can dream, can’t I?


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