Crisis of Confidence

Scary yet exciting times; book finished and formatted; a bit of techie stuff to do and it’s all ready to be launched on an unsuspecting world. At this point in the writing process I find just one question going round the revolving door that is my brain. No, not “will it sell?” Rather “is it any good?” It is at this point that my confidence in my own ability takes a nose-dive and I start second-guessing myself, working up into a right old tizzy.

Should I have put that in? Should I have left out that bit? “Is the tone right?” “Perhaps I should change the order of the content?”

Now this is a 60-odd page non-fiction book about how to create more time/space to do the things you want to do in life – imagine how much more painful it would be if it was a multi-multi-thousand word family saga. Anyway, how do you judge whether a book is good or not?

I know there are communities out there in the www world where I could submit work for peer review; having visited some of these sites and read some of the reviews they seem “red of tooth and claw”. The words “constructive” and “feedback” apparently don’t appear in the lexicon.

I have good friends who will give me helpful feedback but I’m suspicious that they don’t want to hurt my feelings, so it doesn’t count.

Am I alone in this? Do other writers suffer the same sort of crisis of confidence as they sign off their work or do they just not give a rat’s ass?

But you know what is really ironic? In my other life I am a personal development coach. One of the most frequent issues I work on with clients is their confidence. Talk about physician heal thyself.


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