Time for Your Life on Kindle

It’s there! The Book. It’s up on Amazon and I can’t believe how quickly affairs have moved. From having the final, final, final draft of the manuscript to it being uploaded and available has taken little more than 36 hours.

I’m sitting here at 7.30am, having a cuppa, just staring at the cover page and feeling a little tearful. It’s almost as though I’ve lost a bit of myself. Silly I know – I’m just getting sentimental in my old age.

Part of my professional training and background is always to ask two questions after the completion of any project:
What have I learned?
What would I do differently another time?

It’s a little bit too soon to answer those questions; there are some very practical things to understand about “Kindling” and also some “touchy-feely” stuff. I’ll come back to them in Monday’s post when I’ve had time to reflect.

However, one thing stands out above all: there was no buffer between me and the publisher. There was no editor with a sharp blue pencil to cut our the persiflage and waffle; no-one to correct grammer and other howlers; it was all down to me and I found this the hardest task of all – to be objective and distance myself from the writer’s viewpoint. I did ask a chosen few for their feedback and it was always very positive and helpful. But I noticed that the closer the book came to completion, the less I trusted anyone’s opinion, especially my own. That may just be me – I do have the odd kick in my gallop from time to time – and then maybe a collapse of self-belief is a quirk that most writers endure?

Anyway, ’tis done.
If any of you kind readers are interested The Book is:
Time for Your Life by Sheila Williams and you’ll find it on Amazon.

I’m signing off now for the weekend – back on Monday.

4 thoughts on “Time for Your Life on Kindle

  1. I think a collapse in self-belief is in fact common in all writers. I know I go through that and I would be just as nervous as you. Good idea to give yourself some time to process it all. Will check out that book 🙂

  2. Yes it’s the “only me” syndrome when you think no-one else has the same problem. Things back in perspective now, I think. Thanks for stoppint by and hope you find the book. I@m told the keywords stuff won’t really kick in ’til next week. So if you do go looking, search the title plus my name – Sheila Williams. Have a good weekend.

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