Reflections on Kindle

I spent most of the weekend working on my marketing platform for The Book – mainly bullying the friends and family category. However, I also invested a little time in thinking about this Kindling experience. Here are four early learning points.

1. Don’t assume that everyone has a Kindle or similar. I lost count of the times I was asked to “show” the book because the f&f member didn’t possess a Kindle. This was also the case when I spoke to a couple of local newspapers and a radio station. So, buy a copy of your book and hawk it around on your own Kindle and you can give people a bit of a taster.

2. I had planned to publish The Book in other digital formats however, if you publish in KDP (Kindle Digital Publishing) you are tied in to an exclusivity clause for 90 days. Check the terms and conditions thoroughly (if you are doing your own “Kindling”) and don’t make commitments that you won’t be able to keep.

3. You can have up to 5 “free” days in any 90 day period so you need to think about how you’re going to use them (if at all). I’ve decided to save mine for around the end of the 90 days when they can help me put a bit of a sales boost on.

4. Was it worth going through a Kindle publisher? For me yes, yes and yes again. I’m not tech-savvy; learning how to Kindle is not a priority for me nor a good use of my time. I think it better to stick to my knitting. The publisher I used ( had loads of experience and inside knowledge; managed the whole process once I gave him the mss and was affordable. I’m sure you can d.i.y. it but for me it wasn’t worth the potential hassle.

Finally, be prepared for someone (at least one) to say to you: “Oooh! You are a clever thing aren’t you, but it’s not like it’s a proper book, is it?”


Happy Monday.

8 thoughts on “Reflections on Kindle

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  2. I’m planning on publishing on Kindle once I get the final pieces together (i.e. cover art), so it’s enlightening to read this post. The KDP program had my interest until I saw that it would affect my own website. I’m going to use Smashwords and Pub It! (for Nook) when the time comes. Have you used either of these sites?

    • Hi there and thanks for visiting. I’ve not used either site. I decided to start with KDP because my own website was under development at the time so the exclusivity didn’t worry me. I@m told Smashwords is good and provides comprehensive help in getting your stuff formatted/uploaded.If you go that route please let me know how you get on. All the best – Sheila

      • Thanks. A friend of mine used Smashwords and it helps hit the e-book readers that aren’t Kindle and Nook with a few other reading formats. It’s not as complicated and expansive as Kindle though. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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