The Liebster Award kindly nominated me for this award…what exquisite taste she has. It’s just a shame I can’t get the logo-thingy to translate properly.

awardThe Liebster Award

The rules are:
* Share eleven facts about yourself with your fellow bloggers.
* Make sure to answer the awarder’s eleven questions.
* Ask eleven questions of your own.
* Nominate eleven bloggers for this award.

Eleven facts about me:
1.I was born and bred in God’s own county, Yorkshire, (in the North of England)
2.I made my appearance in the world on 5th November, Guy Fawkes Night just as the first fireworks were being lit. I sure knew how to make an entrance back then.
3.When I was 7 Phillipa Tucker pushed me off a slide and I broke my arm
4.Notwithstanding 3 above I went on to become an excellent mediocre pianist with more style than substance
5.I once spent the night in a St Tropez jail cell after my supposed employers failed to collect me from the airport. The gendarmes were gorgeous though (licks lips lasciviously in memory)
6.Took part in the 1968 Grovesnor Square anti-Vietnam war protest outside the US embassy. Never again. Well have you ever had a horse’s bum shoving you in the face?
7.Notwithstanding 5 above, France is one of my favourite countries
8.Went skiing in Andorra and got stuck for 2 hours half way up a mountain in the ski lift; spent the rest of the holiday croaking as I developed laryngitis and a putrid sore throat.
9.My first dog was called Jet and my last dog – Holly
10.I’m Sheila and I’m a lifestyle magazine junkie
11.After a career as a dedicated fag hag, I gave up smoking a year ago and haven’t missed it…yet.

Now to answer the awarder’s questions.
1.If you had to choose between D.C. comics and Marvel comics, which brand would you choose? Why?
I don’t think I could choose. My parents forbade any comic from entering the house although I do remember a couple of Superman comics getting past the guards. So it would be DC I guess
2.Are you a snowstorm person, a thunderstorm person, or a sunny day person?
Snowstorm no no no; sunny day maybe if I’m feeling Pollyana-ish; thunderstorm definitely yes – it’s good to know that God needs to move her furniture around and I love the light show.
3.If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
The Galapagos Islands
4.If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do?
Run around naked. It’s the only thing I can think of that I wouldn’t do if I could be seen; me and my body haven’t been friends for years.
5.What’s your favorite nonfiction book? Why?
Am I allowed to say my own Time for Your Life? Thought not but it was worth a try. I think at the moment it would be Black Diamonds – The Rise and Fall of an English Dynasty by Catherine Bailey. Well written and charts the demise of two families even more dysfunctional than my own. That’s always a comforting thought.
6. Do you have a hobby? (Writing doesn’t count.)
I really enjoy designing gardens (not for others, just for me). Where I live now will be the 8th in 20 years and probably the last.
7.Quick! What’s the most memorable thing you heard someone say during the past week?
I haven’t spoken to anyone much this week but I read a phrase in a blog by Experienced Tutors that really cracked me up. Talking about writing a novel he says he “went at it like a pig at a potato”. I get such an image of that probably helped by the fact that I like pigs and used to keep a few.
8.Favorite vacation spot:
To date, cruising round the Maldives
9.Where do you get your news?
Mrs B in the village stores; my friends and, oh yes the BBC now and again
10.What’s the most odd food you’ve ever eaten, and what situation were you in when you ate it?
Oysters. See Fact 8 above. I was in Andorra suffering from laryngitis and a very sore throat after an ordeal in a chair lift. Oysters were all I could eat as they just slid down – tasteless rubber. Didn’t do anything for the libido either.
11.Which flavor combination do you like best: chocolate and mint, or chocolate and peanut butter? Or peanut butter and mint?
Decisions, decisions – it’s too early. Choccy and mint.

My eleven questions (this goes on for ever)
1.What’s your greatest achievement to date? (You may plug your own work!)
2.What’s your most embarrassing moment?
3.When you are thinking, are your thoughts in words or pictures?
4.Where, on this planet, would you most like to live?
5.What kind of music are you into? If any.
6.If you could only choose 3 books, which 3 would you take for a 2 year stay on a desert island with no other human company?
7.What have you learned from life so far? Please limit your answer to no more than 3 things – no-one likes a smart-arse.
8.What will you not do today, that you ought to?
9.What’s your favourite tipple?
10.Who would you most like to have an after-dinner, slightly boozy but intelligent conversation with? (I know, prepositions…end of sentences..)
11.What three things would you like to be written about you in your obituary

Eleven nominations – bloggers who have amused, challenged, helped or given me a head’s up
The Accidental blog
The Journal Files
The BiBliophile Chronicles
Help me Help Holly
Chris Martin Writes
You’ll think of me
Immature Fruit
Breakroom Stories

Whew, got there.

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