Me and My Time Personality – 1

Spent the night in an apartment type hotel – a converted 19c railway warehouse. Really cool and, more important, got a huge fix of the internet and caught up with everything. Just need to go thro my presentations for the day and I’m ready-ish.

If I were a different person I would have done things differently; not left everything until the last minute. However I’m not that sort of gal – my time personality is much more wait until the deadline looms and then let pedal and metal meet. When managing my time and organising myself I have a fair few challenges.

The concept of a time personality derives from Jung’s work and built on by the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It throws up some interesting points for writers.

As you might guess I’m in a hurry this morning but if you’re intrigued or interested or both, in the concept of time personalities I’ll post more on Friday…or, if you’re really smart you’ll get hold of my book Time for Your Life available in Kindle from Amazon.

Ha! Didn’t expect that blatant plug did you?

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