It’s a malevolent universe

It’s a day-job day today which is just as well since I’ve nothing to write about.

Outside it’s grey, murky and raining softly. The spiders’ webs in the hedge wobble like filament jellies. I can hear the sea grumbling away in the background but it’s invisible in the mist.

In the veggie garden the birds have wreaked havoc with my newly-planted onion sets pulling them up and strewing them all over the plot. A manky black and white cat has appropriated one of my raised beds and uses it for a lavatory.

In the house it’s a building site upstairs with a continuous supply of dust clogging everything up. I clean up every night after the builders have left but a couple of hours later I’m coughing and sneezing as a new batch has hatched from somewhere.

At times like this I know I’m a miserable git and I’m convinced it’s a malevolent universe.

Don’t believe in suffering in silence!
Mind y’all have a nice day.


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