Danger, Muse at Work

Have you ever stopped to think about some of the most unlikely and inopportune times when your Muse has decided to go back to work? Not so long ago I had a bit of a drought on the ideas front. I tried all my usual tricks and techniques but it still didn’t rain. So I decided to put it all on one side and do something completely different like a bit of decorating.

I got the wallpaper, sized the wall, cut and pasted the first strip and just as I’d gotten up the ladder with the paste dripping down my neck…whoosh Madam Muse decided to make an appearance and I stood transfixed as she telepathed half a dozen brilliant ideas. The wallpaper uncurled itself from my loosened grasp, wrapped around me to create a fetching little number and I grobbled for my notebook under all the decorating detritus.

Then there was the time I caused a supermarket trolley crash. Have you noticed how few people seem to have any trolley road sense or courtesy? Anyway, there I was chucking in the comestibles, sharpening my elbows as I scrutinised the price reduced shelves and whoosh again…I got THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA. I did a quick three-point turn but the trolley driver behind clearly didn’t see my signal and we met head on soon to be joined by trolley number 3 in a tangled menage a trois. I was almost incinerated by the glares.

The Muse has struck in the middle of seminars (usually after lunch when delegates are sleeping off a heavy lunch), when chopping logs (bit iffy that – fingers at risk) and, probably the strangest place, down a Pharaoh’s tomb during a trip to Egypt. I became so abstracted I lost the party I was with, lost my way out of the tomb, lost the bus I was supposed to travel on and only returned to normality (well for me) when a tour guide, with all the charm of a cockroach,kicked me off his bus because it was only for Germans. Schweinhund! I ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel only to find my so called mates hadn’t even missed me. To cap it all, the idea that had taken root in my brain had withered away and Madam Muse had gone AWOL again.

Happy Monday.


8 thoughts on “Danger, Muse at Work

  1. Couldn’t you have used a dictaphone with one hand while on top of the ladder and continued papering with the other. . .For more great practical ideas like this please visit my blog!

    Great post -love some of the imagery you use.

  2. Doh! Never thought of that but I’m not sure if I can multi-task. Will visit your blog tout de suite for more valuable insights BUT don’t forget I wrote THE book about self management. 🙂

  3. I’ve noticed this with a lot of authors, including me. Maybe it’s just that I’m doing something that doesn’t take a lot of focus, but it’s enough to let my mind wander. It just kind of grabs at something that was sitting around waiting for my attention. Half the time I remember that the idea flickered into view a few weeks earlier before vanishing again.

  4. Please it’s not just me – I fear that as i get older, someone will try to convince the authorities I have dementia and to put me somewhere “safe” when, in fact, I am just absent-minded.

  5. There’s absolutely no doubting that the muse is intent on causing embarrassment – if not outright disaster! 🙂 I lost count of how often I almost lost my job because of a sudden attack of the Muse… There’s got to be a way, please say there is! Somebody just needs to invent mind wi-fi – so we can send those pesky Muse moments direct to computer storage while giving no hint that we’re not exactly concentrating fully on other things 😀

  6. Perhaps we all need voice activated devices…dictaphones even (see above comment) so we can all go around talking apparently to ourselves but actually recording pearls of wisdom Hang on tho’ I already talk to myself…I have the builders totally mystified at the moment. 🙂

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