So What’s Your Excuse?

I had a hard day yesterday. There’s a big push on to get the bathroom finished and I had to make umpteen mugs of tea and avert my eyes modestly from the bum cleavage on display. I was quite overcome at times and needed to rest quietly. Of course I couldn’t possibly write. I mean, how can a sensitive soul create anything amid the dust, banging and a unique rendition of the Birdie song by the plasterer?

So, as I rested on the sofa, rather like Dido in the ruins of Carthage, I pondered on the difficulties that beset me. Unfortunately an unexpected moment of insight…not to say honesty pierced this balloon…it was all bull. The piece I was working on wasn’t going so well, I had a deadline to meet…so quite clearly the answer was to lollygag on the sofa pretending to be “interesting”. I have yet to figure out why, at times I’ll do anything rather than sit down and write (I use the word anything loosely). To try and fathom this odd kick in my gallop – I won’t dignify it with the words “Writers’ Block” I made a list of some of the excuses I use to avoid writing.

1.I haven’t got time as I snuggle up on the sofa to watch back to back episodes of Andrew Davies’ Pride and Prejudice for the seventeenth time.
2. I’ve a pain in my brain and it hurts when I think and anyway staring out of the window watching the sea is all part of the creative process.
3. The dog’s just pee’d on the handwritten copy of my manuscript; it was the only copy; I’ll never be able to write it all again. (Sobs theatrically).
4.There’s a pile of ironing I absolutely must do. If I don’t get my outfit ironed for tomorrow’s seminar I’ll look like unfinished origami.
5. I’ve got the headache from hell (definitely not the same as 2 above) after a frozen squid fell from the sky and knocked me out. (OK I made that one up but it did happen to somebody).

So now it’s your turn. What excuses do you find? Let me know and I’ll collate and post them all.

Oh Damn…perhaps it’s just me?

4 thoughts on “So What’s Your Excuse?

  1. The last time I made an excuse was just before my yoga teacher said to me, you know what – sometimes we just have to turn up! So, now when I feel an excuse coming on, I think, stop that, turn up, just get on with it. I find that the practice of overcoming the disinclination to write, is like anything, you can learn it, and then get quite good at it. The same goes for excuses – the more we let them come, the more we learn that behaviour, and it becomes a recurring pattern. So find one little thing to break the pattern – trust me, you’ll feel a zillion times better. Good luck!

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