So What’s Your Excuse? The Results

If you remember I posted on Tuesday (So What’s Your Excuse) about the reasons (or excuses if you like) that I don’t write particularly when I have a deadline to meet. I asked for your contributions to this list and I’m happy to post the results today. The first five are my excuses; those that follow are ones that you all sent it.

Excuse List

1. I haven’t got time
2. I’ve a pain in my brain and it hurts when I think
3. The dog’s just pee’d on the handwritten copy of my manuscript;
4.There’s a pile of ironing I absolutely must do.
5. I’ve got the headache from hell

Ad infinitum

I’m gutted! Clearly I’m in the wrong place and, as I suggested at the end of Tuesday’s post, I was right. I am the only one who, from time to time, suffers from a certain type of brain fungus that snuffs out my flickering creative candle and relegates me to the sofa.

Aha, but do I believe you? Do I believe that, of the groupies who follow this blog, not a single one of you ever comes up with an excuse for not writing? I imagine you all assiduously laying down word after word, like bricks (thanks Stephen King) suffering no interruptions until your busy tap-tapping fingers go into rigor. I feel intimidated by your dedication and suffering.

There again, maybe you just didn’t bother reading the post or thought it was crap.

Either way, I sign off for the weekend with a heavy heart. I know my place. I’m a pygmy blogging among giants.

Enjoy your weekend…if your conscience let’s you

4 thoughts on “So What’s Your Excuse? The Results

  1. A bit belated – but, It’s too nice outside to be sat in writing. 🙂

    I wrote a blog recently asking people to let me know who they’d like to work for an why – and even offered a prize. After three prompts to thousands of people, I got three responses. From which I can only surmise that nobody actually wants to work for anyone! 😉

    • Yes, that’s one I have specially reserved for summer. Actually I’m not really sure anyone reads my blog very often. I’m beginning to think that all the followers are in fact little bots. 🙂

  2. Lol.. I read it.. Just sometimes I am very lax at commenting – apologies… I need an assistant to do these things – it’s also my excuse for not writing as often as I should…xx

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