OMG – An Award

Oh my gosh. Oh golly. This is so unexpected. Thank you so much Aspiring Scribbler for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’m lost for words.

The Rules

1. Display Logo
2. Link back to the person who nominated
3.Reveal 7 things about yourself
4. Nominate 15…15!!! other bloggers for the award
5. Notify the nominees

7 Things about Me

1. Several years ago I accidentally walked into the gents toilets in a MacDonalds. I earned 100 quid from the experience. I’ll leave you to work out how.

2. I had aspirations to become an Olympic athlete after I won 1st place in an egg and spoon race.

3. By day, I work as a business and life coach; by night I talk in my sleep – it balances all the listening.

4. I used to have a grand piano – so every house I’ve lived in had to have an oversized lounge.

5. I got bitten by a pig and still have the scar. It throbs every time I eat a bacon buttie.

6. There is an immutable law of the universe that decrees that there’s always more month left at the end of my money.

7. I’ve got acres of wood panelling to paint so I’d better get a move on.

My Nominees

OK, I can count but I’m struggling. Clearly I’m one of the last bloggers every to receive this award. Everyone else has preceded me. I’ll add some more when I’ve had a fossick around.

5 thoughts on “OMG – An Award

    • thank you. Nearly didn’t recognise you. The piano fell victim to my appalling economic situation and I sold it. The proceeds kept me going for three months until a very very little ship came in – more a rowing boat really. However, I do have an overlarge lounge in my house now with a space just waiting to be filled…so… thanks for dropping by.

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