Dream a Little Dream

What’s in a dream? If we’re to believe Freud and the rest of the gang – all our deepest desires, obsessions and anxieties. On the other hand we could say as good ‘ole WikiP. does:
“successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during…sleep”.
Ok, Got that.

I used to remember all my dreams (at least I think it was all) quite clearly on waking although if I tried to write them down I discovered I had an automatic dream evaluation mechanism that would click in to censor and filter them resulting in a few garbled notes of nothingnesses. I know that there are clever people out there who keep notebook and pencil by their beds and on waking, blitherly record their dreams turning them into zillion dollar best sellers in the process. That’s not me but I’m not bitter.

However, the reason I’m burbling on about dreams is because, to paraphrase Daphne du Maurier’s opening lines in Rebecca: last night I dreamed I went to Scotgate again” – Scotgate being a hill farm where I lived years ago. The dream is a simple one, technicolour accurate images; no sound; no apparent emotion. I’m walking down the lane to the farm having been away for years. I’ve remembered I’ve left some sheep in the fields and there they are. A bit tatty- ready for shearing, some with lambs; some limping; some I recognise as “real” sheep (ones that existed outside of dreamworld and no, sheep don’t all look alike). It’s all very objective; I’m not feeling upset or feeling anything for that matter. Then I wake up.

Why am I telling you this? Because this particular dream has come back to haunt me. It used to occur regularly but over the past several years it disappeared completely. Then, about three weeks ago the “forgotten sheep” dream presented itself again. Since when I remember dreaming it nine times.

What purpose does a dream serve? Is this particular one the equivalent of a knot in a hanky – trying to prompt my memory? But what use is that if I’ve forgotten what I’ve forgotten to remember? Do I have deep anxious thoughts about what a bad person I am forgetting those poor sheep or some human equivalent? If I do, they’re buried so deep it’ll take an earthquake to surface them. Am I obsessed with woolly jumpers? No I prefer cashmere.

The practice of dream interpretation is an ancient one but these days we have the internet to help us. According to on-line sources dreaming of sheep indicates docility and conformity (Ha! They never met my sheep). Apparently I lack certainty, individuality and intitiative to venture out on my own. Ok ’nuff said – clearly I need to adjust my dream set. Perhaps I should dream of lobsters – that represents the difficulty of getting yourself out of a sticky situation. How about an otter? To dream of an otter shows concern for being effortlessly prepared; about being ready for any difficulties you cross. Yes that fits – I always leave early for an appointment in case a cow jumps out into the road and damages the car.

Actually I’m beginning to wonder, like that ancient Chinese philosopher with an unpronounceable name, whether I’m dreaming about my sheep or whether I’m a sheep dreaming about me. How would you interpret that? Baaaaaaaaaa!

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