Sneak Peek: Comedy on the L’Dandrin River

For the next few weeks I’m giving my weekend blog over to people who are much more talented than I…the rats. This one is from Charles Yallowitz and is for all fantasy fans. Hi s book Beginning of a Hero is on a Goodreads giveaway at the moment, so go to it.

Legends of Windemere

Luke smiles before vaulting over the railing to the deck below. He sees that Nimby and Fritz are already waiting on the escape raft. Luke takes a cautious step onto the simple craft and signals for the sailors to start lowering them into the river. His stomach lurches almost immediately after the current starts to pull the raft towards the wreck. A hard gulp keeps Luke from throwing up and he takes one of the long poles that were strapped to the floor. Fritz steers with the rudder while Luke and Nimby stand ready to push them to safety with the long poles. A simple shove is all it takes for them to keep the raft a safe distance away from the muddy coast.

“Keep up the good work, guys,” Fritz says as the raft comes around the side of the River Scout. “The current is on our side, so…

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