Then and Now

I didn’t realise that Monday’s post was my 100th. Have I really done that much burbling? Have I really frittered away my time grinding out the words that hopefully someone will read and
appreciate? Did I keep an anxious vigil watching over the statistics pages? Did I agonise about when I’d be DISCOVERED? Nah, not really or at least only at the very beginning.

When I started off in January it was all deadly serious stuff about the writing process and my book Time for Your Life . Now it’s just random burblings interspersed with snippets from one of the two books I’m currently completing – both of which I’m sad to say have run aground on a sandbank and are sitting there waiting for me to rescue them.

I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging – certainly not to gain a respectable number of followers which I have – although most of them I suspect were just “fishing and farming” and have never been heard of again. I did think at first that they’d just got bored and “unfollowed” but wouldn’t someone have told me…who knows?

Those who have stuck with me I’ve come to regard as virtual and possibly virtuous friends and if I don’t hear from them I worry about them wondering if all is OK or whether I’ve just pissed them off too. I’m humbled (OK not obviously so) by their talent and facility with words.I try to give feedback and comment but I’m not as forthcoming as I should be. I have to be ruthless in allocating time to deal with social media otherwise I’d be lollygagging about all day, still in my PJs and curlers.

In these eight months of blogging so much more has changed than tying myself to my PC to write a blog. I’ve the one book under my belt – not a runaway success but then it was never meant to be. It’s done what I wanted; through licensing it to clients, it’s paved the way for me to spend a lot less time running after the day job and much more time writing. Any sales now are a bonus.

I’ve got back into the swing of writing short articles and features for magazines and I’ve even delved into the world of short stories and competitions although I don’t know the results of that yet. This week I received my first commission (as opposed to sending in a pitch) for an article as a result of someone reading this blog; I’ve broken into the national magazine market for the first time and most exciting of all I’m in discussions about ghost writing an autobiography for…mum’s the word.

I haven’t missed the day job; in fact the few days I do work at it I enjoy much more than I was doing twelve months ago. Its not just work; it’s an opportunity to socialise as well. That is one aspect that I need to add more off to the mix – there are times when I go a whole week without having a conversation with anyone except myself, the birds, the plants in the garden and my characters. It may seem odd for someone who is the author of a book about work-life balance, but then anyone who has read it will know that I put a lot of emphasis on making conscious choices about where and when to put time and effort rather than acting by default. But I do worry sometimes about becoming that batty old bag who waddles around the village muttering to herself so I just phone a friend.

What comes next? You’ll just have to wait and read the next exciting episode of Sheila in Blogoland.

4 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Ghost writing Princes George’s autobiog. – Fantastic news, well done.

    National Geographic wanting your historical writings. WoW!

    Why don’t things happen in my life like they happen in yours?

    I subscribe to ‘Writing Magazine’ [I got a free copy of ‘Artists and Writers Year Book :-)]. They have short story competitions. Worth checking out if you haven’t already.

    • OMG – how did you know. I was being so discreet…don’t like to brag doncha know.
      I get Writing Mag every now and then – didn’t know you could get the AWYB for free tho’ – worth looking out for. Thanks for the tip and thanks for the loyal following. xxx 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post! It’s interesting how things work out isn’t it? I certainly think that if you stick at blogging for long enough then you give it the chance to become something you never expected. Of course, we have to start with an aim, but each post lead to another, and the narrative becomes more organic, I think. Don’t worry about those books that have run aground – writing is a long term thing: they simply need a rest – at some point the tide will pick them up again. The main thing is to not give up 😉

    • Hi there and I think you’re absolutely right – the whole blogging experience just keeps on twisting and turning – I just go with the flow now, no expectations. I think I see a way off the sandbank for one of my projects – I spy a French maid coming to the rescue 🙂 thanks for the visit.

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