Never Judge a Book by its Cover…or Maybe?

In between frolicking with friends and showing prospective buyers around the house this gal’s thoughts have turned to book covers.

Plan A for my book “Close to the Edge” is to have it traditionally published and I have found a publisher willing to take a detailed gander at the mss. Plan B is to publish it myself and since I have Plan A in hand – or rather out of my hand since it is winging its way hopefully to glory with said publisher, this week I thought I’d roll out Plan B and have a look at what I would need to do should Plan A do a belly-flop.

One issue that sets the grey matter a-wobble is that of the book cover. It appears that this artifact is what tickles the potential buyers’ taste-buds. Personally I’ve always gone for the what-are-the-first-three-paras-like approach but, in this, it seems I have fallen into error. Apparently we are subtly, sub-consciously, surreptitiously seduced by what is on the cover.

There are rules to follow in designing covers (so I read) – certain colours are preferred and only three of them anyway; wide-spaced text; teaser strap-lines, powerful image – oh my – it goes on and on with the inevitable rider – “don’t try this at home; always call in a professional”.

My own sense of art and aesthetics is probably on a par with Attila the Hun so I would be interested, fascinated even to know of other writers’ experiences with book covers and grateful for any tried and tested tips and hints.

Failing that, a weekend in a bookshop looms to see which  book covers beckon to me and speak of the goodies within. Actually, I think I have some more house viewings over the weekend so it will be the vacuum cleaner doing the beckoning.

Have a good weekend y’all.


One thought on “Never Judge a Book by its Cover…or Maybe?

  1. I made my covers myself, using photographs taken by my roommate.

    In general, the responses have been very positive, I’ve had a number of people tell me that they love the covers and few who said that they picked up the book specifically because of the cover. On the other hand, I’ve also had people tell me that they are “dull” and “don’t match the book”. So I guess my experience is that you can’t please everyone.

    My roommate has been working on other covers, she as a page of mockups you can check out.

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