Indie or…?

The editing is finished; the photos all ready and the whole book “Close to the Edge” is ready for uploading to CreateSpace…or is it?

I was extremely uncertain about using an editor but I am willing to admit there was no need for concern. The whole experience has been helpful and positive. Caroline High (my editor) has worked through the mss and combed out all the nits – the odd or inconsistent spellings, the bits that didn’t flow well or where I’d left the reader a bit at a loss because I’d forgotten to tell them something earlier in the book. No matter how thorough and careful you think you have been I would recommend that at least a “copy-edit” is a worthwhile investment.

Now comes the snag albeit an interesting one. Not only did Caroline do a sterling job as editor she also approached a publisher on my behalf. Now I’m in no-man’s land; sample chapters and an outline are now with the local history commissioning editor. Today, she has written and said she Likes It and is putting the mss in front of the sales team and has asked a few questions about the potential market. There’s a long way to go and nothing is at all certain but do I “stick” (with indie publishing) or, if I get the opportunity, do I “twist” (with traditional publishing)? I have to say it’s one of the best dilemmas I’ve ever found myself ruminating about and, if you haven’t guessed already, I know which way I’ll go.

So, a waiting game for a week or two. Indie or Trad? It’s a cliff-hanger!

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7 thoughts on “Indie or…?

  1. Ha! Cliff-hanger – close to the edge. . . got to be some kind of connection there, yes – no?

    Well, well, well. This is jolly good news. You must wait to see if it’s taken up by a publisher. I know they take all the money and leave you with naff all but when that Scottish chappie that does ‘Coast’ presents the BBC programme of your book – you may even get to get his autograph. 🙂

    Well done.

    I know you’re wondering about my Mag Op. Go on, admit it. Another week or so and I’ll have done my bit for the time being. It’s then onto another editor. It will go into print, if only for me to put a copy between Lolita and 50 Shades on my top book shelf.

    Look forward to your decision.

    • It’s good to know my subtle attempts at humour and subliminal messages are not wasted – if I were handing out prizes you’d be the winner (well the only contestant really).
      What a mind reader you are – no posts from you recently so I thought you’d sold the film rights and buggered off to the Caribbean. Don’t forget I want a copy too – there’s a space waiting for it in my secret library.
      Good to hear from you – have fun with your edit.

      • ‘No posts from you recently’. . . I have considered finishing blogging. I seem to have ran out of things to say and lost interest.

        I won’t finish, though, because I will need the blog once I’m trying to ‘push’ my novel. However, most of blogging ‘buddies’ (apart from you) have disappeared. I really don’t want to put in the time getting involved with a new lot.

        You posts are few and far between so I wondered if you were ambling down the same track.

  2. I know what you mean – life has taken on a completely different aspect since moving to France and, altho’ I will keep blogging, I’m moving on with my writing and can use my time more productively. Like you, altho’ I keep gaining followers, it is just a numbers game and apart from you there is just a small number who keep reading. Like you, however, I think I need the blog for promo purposes (whichever route I am offered for publishing) but I need to rethink what I want to achieve with it. Possibly the next step is to incorporate it into something more like a website, with a change of title etc. At the moment it’s a case of if I have something to blog about I will but I’m not going to be a slave to it. Keep in touch whatever.

  3. Losing it? Are you sure you had it to start with 🙂 FYI I’m 5 mins away from two lovely lakes each with their own “beach”. Mind you someone asked me why I don’t call the blog Write on the Bitch!

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