Close to the Edge? Close to Meltdown!

Long time no write! Since my last post I’ve been eagerly awaiting a verdict from the publisher about my book Close to the Edge. Finally, after getting all excited and talking turkey with the publisher, I get it kicked back with a comment that as they’re going to publish another book about East Yorkshire, they don’t want to take on a second one until sales figures are in. Did it really have to take eight weeks for them to tell me this? So after a week sticking pins in my voodoo doll, I’ve recovered my equilibrium and am on the move with the first version of the book – a Kindle version.

The Holderness Coast in days of yore

The Holderness Coast in days of yore

The book has a great selection of images both old and new (you’ll probably have to magnify this one to see it clearly) and I’ve learned that copyright is a minefield even for items that are over the prescribed time limits. I’ve spent so much time trying to track down owners, owners relatives, owners best friends and owners dog called Poochie that I’m beginning to think it isn’t worth the candle to include anything other than my own images. Still, ’tis done now as best I could.

I’ll by posting some of the images that didn’t make it into the book over on Pinterest – look for the Board called Close to the Edgeand over the next few weeks I’ll add to it. I’m also going to be making a few short clips for youtube so watch out for those as well.

So lots of final details to deal with whilst at the same time, I’m pressing on with a selection of spooky short stories – four written and three to go…oh and of course celebrating the anniversary of my first year in France (any excuse for a party). Suffice it to say I came, I saw and was conquered. It’s definitely home now.

3 thoughts on “Close to the Edge? Close to Meltdown!

  1. Ouch . . . the bastards, the complete and utter bastards. Would you like me to send the boys around for a ‘quiet’ word?

    As I say, ‘When one door closes another opens.’ The Kindle one sounds good. I guess you then need to think about the other iReaders. If you are having problems formatting you may want to look at Fiverr. It’s amazing what people are prepared to do for so little money. I should know, I’m one of them. I’m still plodding away at it and have earned a few quid but the income does not correlate favourably to the input of hours. Let’s just call it ‘a labour of love.’

    On this point . . . and not wanting to upset the only person in France that I ‘know’. I have the 7″ Kindle and I’m not happy with books that contain images because they seem so tiddly. I guess nothing can compare with print – as a fellow dinosaur (can I call you that?) I imagine that you probably feel the same.

    I am still looking forward to that signed copy.

    What confuses me, though, is, how can there be two books about East Yorkshire? Surely a dozen or so pages would just about cover all of interest there. Am I missing something?

    Do let me know when you have stuff on Pinterest and Youtube.

    As to my op mag. Well, a little progress. It’s now in the hands of Cressida Downing for a further edit. I went to her talk at the Troubadour self-publishing conference last May. Can’t go the one this year because we’ve been invited to a wedding on the same day – 9th May. I did suggest to the bride that she could change their wedding date – almost lost a good friend 🙂

    It is possible that she may suggest an agent but I don’t hold out any hopes. Following this, I will do another edit and then put it in the hands of a proofreader. Then It’ll be time to publish. Perhaps buy a Troubadour package for them to put it on shelves, etc. and see what happens then.

    Good luck with it all. Keep in touch.

  2. In the end I’ve gone for pro formatting which is supposed to take account of other readers too. I too have a problem with images on Kindle etc but this is just a first shot (mainly to beat the publishers to it!!) and then, funds permitting, I’ll go for a paperback too. I am a fellow dinosaur so you’re perfectly at liberty to call me so. I’ll make sure you get your signed copy too.
    Two books about East Yorkshire? Well you may have a point but have you ever visited?
    Going to load Pinterest once a week I hope, Youtube will be a little longer. My photog. friend has to do the filming first.
    At least you’re moving forward with your book and, you never know, the agents may be on their knees for you…in a manner of apeaking:) It’s sad but inevitable that you have to make sacrifices; people just don’t understand that they should consult before planning wedding dates. Anyhoo, keep in touch, let me know when your mag. op. is out…I could do with a bit of extra sauce in my life right now.:)

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