It had to happen didn’t it?

Back from a great week in bonnie Scotland only to find the gremlins are definitely at work. Why oh why did I have to say “Close to the Edge” would be available 1 June? For those of you waiting with bated breath…I’m sorry but there will be a delay. There are problems with the photos which, if said problems can’t be resolved, means I am not willing to publish as an e-book. Looking as it does at the moment, I wouldn’t buy the book so how could I expect others to do so?

I’m gutted really but 18 months of my life has gone into this and I don’t want to turn out a rubbishy looking product.

I’m absolutely not going to predict any more launch dates – but it could be…No! No more predictions! This indie publishing is a lot harder than I thought it would be – perhaps it would be easier if it were all text; perhaps…perhaps. Well I’m not going there either.

So please stay tuned in and bear with me in my frustration. AAAAGH!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “It had to happen didn’t it?

  1. Oh dear. . . one will hold on to one’s bated breath for a while longer.

    You’re right – you can’t lay a bundle of poo at the doors of your adoring fans. It does have to be the best you can get it. I am sure it will be worth waiting for.

    As to images and ebooks. I have never been happy them. On my original black and white Kindle the images never did look brilliant. On my all-singin’-all-danci’ Kindle Fire they look okay but it’s not like having a ‘real’ book and savouring the sumptuous colour pictures. If your budget stretches to proper print [and I’m sure it does 🙂 ] an old fashioned book beats this modern fangle-dangle stuff any day of the week.

    Still looking forward to seeing the end product.

    My Opus Mag came back from its second professional edit. Loads of good comments/ideas but somewhere stuck in there was something like ‘ this is not yet your best work’ 😦

    This year’s exam marking is well under way so I’ll dust it off in July/August. There must come a time when I’ll take the plunge and get it printed. . . won’t there?

    Good luck with it.

  2. Having seen the first e-version I totally take your points – at the moment the piccys look like thumbnails and yet, I have e-books with images that pretty much fill the screen. At this point I think I’m going to drop the ebook idea and go for trad. print. It’s been a tough learning curve.
    Hang on in with your “not yet your best work” – I’d find that very encouraging on the lines of there’s even better stuff to come. I do wonder if all first novels represent the author’s best work. I think not personally. Titivate it up and get it out there. I’ll sign up for it. Enjoy your marking (sorry!).

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