At Last!!

Close_to_the_Edge_Cover_for_Kindlejpg (2)
It’s all over bar the marketing. The paperback is up on Amazon and the e-book shortly follows – “Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast” is a reality. It’s taken around two years to get to this point and the final product is not a bit like my original idea. Perhaps that’s inevitable and I’m happy that it’s so.

There are lots of questions to ask myself when I have time to reflect a little; four big ones come to mind:
Was it worth it?
Would I do it again?
What would I do differently?
What have I learned from the experience?

Perhaps in another blog I’ll share my reflections with you. For now, I’m putting my rather sketchy marketing plan in place and I’ll be back in the UK at the end of the month to drum up some interest…well try to at any rate.
In the meantime if any of you kind souls are interested in an eclectic and occasionally irreverent history of a unique stretch of English coastline, toddle along to Amazon and have a peek.

Here’s the link (I hope) and all reviews of whatever ilk will be much appreciated.

Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast

14 thoughts on “At Last!!

  1. Thank you so much – but I promised you a freebie as a prize for being “the most faithful follower”. It’s so hectic at the moment getting the marketing machine wound up that I forgot to thank you for your tip about Tweets on Hootsuite – so ta very much lad. Sithee, I dawn’t reckon ‘Owd Nick’s’ bahn te ‘ave thee yet – not unless you die laughing that is!!

  2. Thank you for taking the trouble to write and slave away at selling this book. I was arrested on a Norwegian ferry today for laughing out loud when I read about my old home area (Hornsea). Pure envy.

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to buy it/borrow it/half-inch it/recycle it from trash! Hope they let you off with a caution after you explained the concept of Yorkshire humour. Best wishes for Christmas.

    • Thank you for taking the trouble to buy/borrow/pinch/recycle from the trash a copy! I hope you were let off with a caution if not would you like me to start a fund to post bail for you? Have a great Christmas or whatever it is you like to celebrate at this time of the year.
      PS Not sure if this isn’t the second reply I’ve written to your comment. Xmas starts early in France 🙂

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