It’s a Wrap!

Just typed THE END on the last page of (working title) “Between Heaven and Earth” – seven strange tales of the supernatural – ghosties, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night…well actually no, I’ve not got a bump in the night tale – well not of a supernatural kind anyway. I’m one day behind schedule and if hadn’t been for a raucous party last night I’d have been right on time which is a rare thing for me.

I don’t know why I suddenly found myself writing spooky stories – they just jostled for space in my head like a litter of unruly puppies waiting to make a dash for freedom . But it’s been fun even though, from time to time, I found myself thinking ‘lady you have a seriously bizarre imagination’… which is probably true.

It’s taken me nine months to complete them – just over 30000 words in all. I don’t know (or care really) whether that’s good going but given a summer filled with close encounters of the social kind and a fair bit of decorating and renovation, I’m satisfied.

Now there’s a decision to be made – self-publish or seek the elusive holy grail of “trad” publishing. Haven’t decided yet – I’ll wait until my editor gets back to me. However,just in case I go for the indie route can anyone out there recommend a good cover designer? Please e-mail me if so.

So that’s it for this year. Let the festivities begin and all of you who have taken the trouble to follow me over the past year have a happy and peaceful holiday time with your families and friends.


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