Writing – How Hard Can It Be?

I am pleased and honoured to have been asked to contribute to the lovely Helen Hollick’s Tuesday Talk on her blog.

If there’s anything you want to know about Arthurian England or Pirates, Helen is the lady to ask. She is the author of King Arthur: The Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy, The Sea Witch Voyages Series and more recently Amberley Press have published her non-fiction book The Truth and the Tales – Pirates.

All her books can be found at www.helenhollick.net

She is also incredibly brave and generous in letting a complete unknown loose on her blog.

Follow the link to read what yours truly had to say about the rumblings of an embryonic writing career.



the sirencover

4 thoughts on “Writing – How Hard Can It Be?

  1. What a lovely interview. You come across as gentle and wry which is a very delightful combination. i have not forgotten I am ordering your book, by the way. I just had to learn how to do the Kindley thing!

  2. Thank you cathum. The work schedule is actually beginning to crumble a bit and having decided to go indie with my first novel I’ve added to it. I’ve given myself three months before publishing to get a better platform on soc med etc etc. Sales of the short stories are so-so but I didn’t know really what to expect. So, we will see.

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