Writing, Waiting & Wondering

This blog will be reporting me for neglect before too long but I assure you I’ve not flown off on my broomstick to pastures new and green.


However, I do feel like I’m in limbo land at the moment. After the build up to launching  The Siren and Other Strange Tales;  – all the editing, formatting, checking and double checking – once it was over I felt rather flat and a bit lost.

feeling flat

Then the reality of marketing and promoting set in. There were sites where I needed to upload/update the book’s details; social media to manage, guest blogs to write. I understand that I need a fan base, a platform from which to launch my wares but I struggle to find creative, diverse and subtle ways of saying ‘just buy the bloody book will ya?’

Somehow through it all this Blog got put to one side.

Following on from The Siren’s launch I drafted a plan for loosing my first novel ‘The Weave’  into the world. I had approached a few agents, more in hope than expectation, all of whom said thanks but no thanks. Then I had one more try and the synopsis and first three chapters duly landed on the agent’s desk. I forgot about it until I got an email asking to see the whole mss. I sat looking at the email, my mouth so far agape I began to drool on the keyboard. Now this might not seem like much but for me who has never had a foot over the threshold of trad. publishing, it seemed like a huge step forward.

But then the spanner hit the works. Do I go ahead with my own publishing plan anyway? Do I commission the cover? Do I send review copies out? What if (wild imagining here) the agent wants to represent me, everything will change, won’t it? And at that point, just as my ancient PC does when I give it too much to consider and organise, I froze; hung up; went into stasis and will not unfreeze I suspect until I have a reply from the agent.

In an effort to  break loose I began book number 2 set in the 13th century. I got about a quarter way through the first draft and then lost the plot…literally. I am back to my old nemesis – I know what the beginning and the ending are going to be like but what happens in between…??? I may have mentioned it in earlier posts I have a disc full of novel sandwiches without their filling. I am determined that this one will not join them and have decided to take a break from it for a wee while. Instead I am researching and pitching some magazine articles just for a change of scene.

So there’s a quick update for those of you wondering whether I’m away travelling on my time machine. I would say watch this space but I won’t because it may only be a blank screen.

Oh and did I mention that I’ve quit smoking, the cartilage in my right knee has gone awol  so I need a new knee and I’ve acquired a gorgeous seven-month old Alsatian/Husky dog called Petra?

9 thoughts on “Writing, Waiting & Wondering

  1. First things first … Petra is scrummy and I’m very sorry about your knee. Excellent news about the agent ….. be delighted if it comes to signing you and don’t be despondent if it doesn’t. As for marketing books …. I’m sure there must be a sizeable gap for someone to set up as an Indie Author marketing hub. Because trying to do it oneself is painful and frankly soul destroying. An opinion I know is shared by all my writerly friends. Oh! Also! Don’t apologise for being in absentia …. it’s just a great pleasure to see you 😊🌼

  2. How kind you are O and thank you for your comments. Petra is lovely, very mischievous and uneducated. It’s easy to forget how young she is when you see the size of her. I find this marketing thing difficult tho’ even if I were able to get trad published I don’t think it would let me off the hook – but it would be good to have some pro. advice. Hope you and yours are all well and happy. Last I read I think you were on the move again?

  3. Shelia, thank you for visiting my blog. I was intrigued when I saw The Siren and Other Strange Tales on Marcia Meara’s blog. That you have an agent interested in your work is fabulous! There is going to be a waiting game involved, but it sounds like you have other projects to keep you busy in the interim.

    As I’m addicted to folklore, urban legends and myth I see many categories on your blog that interest me. I looked for a “follow” button but couldn’t find one, 😦 Am I missing it somewhere?

    I think when it come to promoting our work, it is the bane of all authors. An evil necessity that takes time away from writing, but something we have to do.

    Petra is absolutely gorgeous! Just look at that face! 🙂

    It’s great to “meet” you and I look forward to more of your posts!

    • Hi Mae and thank you for you comments. Like you I have a fascination with anything ‘folklorique’, myths, spooks etc etc. The follow button usually appears on the bottom RH corner of the screen on each post. Please could you let me know if it isn’t working for you. I am going to follow your blog too – I just know it’s going to appeal. Lovely to meet you too.

  4. Got it! I kept looking for down there but I couldn’t get it to pop up. Now it did, and I’m following 🙂

    Thanks for the follow in return. It sounds like we have much in common!

  5. Definitely forgiven. Sounds like a crammed few months, but how exciting in diverse ways. Petra looks gorgeous. The novel news sounds exciting, and good for you on doing all that legwork on the promotion.
    My suggestion for the novel sandwiches, if you’d like it, is let go of your ending, take long walks with Petra, and see where your characters take you. The old chestnuts are often the best!

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