Guest author: Sheila Williams ~ St Tropez, a story extract and a NEW book!

Thank you to Sue Vincent for letting me loose on her blog site.

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When I was fifteen my parents considered me sensible enough to go on an exchange holiday to France. Little did they know. I was excited, nervous. I had never been on holiday alone; I had never been in a plane; my french was execrable which didn’t matter anyway because being shy, I always became tongue-tied with strangers.

I flew from what was then, in the sixties, Yeadon airport (Leeds/Bradford airport). It was just a big shed really in comparison to airports now.  I arrived at Nice airport in the afternoon. It was then that things started to go wrong. No-one came to meet me. I waited and waited, getting more and more anxious. I considered ‘phoning my parents but I knew they would only tell me to come home. The stubborn streak in me wasn’t going to let that happen!

The problem was that I didn’t have the full address…

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2 thoughts on “Guest author: Sheila Williams ~ St Tropez, a story extract and a NEW book!

  1. Wow, scary stuff. I had a similar experience re-greedy drivers in Finland, where i went with no knowledge of Finnish at all. In my case a bus-driver took a huge note for a small change bus-fare and gave me an IOU because he didn’t have enough change! He said I could cash it in with another bus driver. Needless to say the next bus driver was not impressed. I see it as a ‘growing’ moment.

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