Autumn is here; Winter is Coming

Autumn is here.

The morning dog walks now take place in soft half-light.

Stormy wet and windy days now slip in between ridiculously warm and sunny ones when we try to make the most of the late afternoon sun on the balcony.

taking in the late sun

Nights are chilly; time to light the log-burner and put the duvet back on the bed.


Brilliant splashes of autumn colours shine through in the hedgerows and in the garden. The leaves on the trees are fading slowly from green to old gold; before tumbling and swirling to the ground.





autumn leaves
The house is up for sale and I shall be sorry to leave but I have many good memories to take with me. Although at the beginning I remember how bleak and cold the house was. I stood in what is now my kitchen and thought ‘what have I done?’

my kitchen to be 2

How things have changed!

It was an unexpected adventure coming to France so who knows what waits around the corner? However there is one thing I am sure of, autumn may be here but, to coin a phrase…’Winter is Coming’.

winter is coming

3 thoughts on “Autumn is here; Winter is Coming

  1. It looks beautiful, and the idea of ‘ridiculously’ warm days sounds very tempting, from here, where we’ve just had our second, patchy, ground frost. You’ve certainly transformed the house, and the flowers look glorious. Do I gather you’re heading back to Britain now? Looking for another make-over project?

  2. Oh definitely not heading back to Britain! I’m finished there. I’ll probably stay around the area I’m in but will be looking for something smaller. It can take ages to sell a period property over here (the French aren’t keen at all on them; often they prefer to leave them empty.) so I’m not actively looking for the next place yet. I have a firm belief that when I’m ready to move the right place will turn up. At least, that’s always been the case in the past. But it won’t be a makeover except perhaps decor and little stuff that i can do myself. Keep well, keep writing.

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