I’m Almost There!

Almost where? I hear you ask. Answer – ready to upload “Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast” which, at the risk of driving you into mild catalepsy is my local history book about the East Coast of Yorkshire.

The Holderness Coast, East Yorkshire

The Holderness Coast, East Yorkshire

The book has taken around 18 months of research, writing and faffing, including an abortive sojourn at a publishing house (for which, if I’m honest I still bear a grudge). On reflection a good lump of that time was taken up with editing, copy reading, obtaining permissions/rights and I still worry that someone will find a typo.

On doing yet another re-read last night it was good to remember how many people and organisations have indirectly contributed – not in the least local museums and libraries. I know these invaluable institutions are under threat from “austerity measures” in the UK so I wanted to use this space to give a shout to some of them and urge anyone looking to spend a bit of time on this eroding coastline to go and visit.

So roll of honour:

Hornsea Museum situated in an old farmhouse in the centre of the town. Don’t be deceived by the apparent smallness of the building – it takes a good while to get round and is packed full of great exhibits. (Sorry Hornsea Museum – I don’t have a photo of you.)

Withernsea Lighthouse Museum – situated – yes you’ve guessed it in Withernsea. It stands, a little incongruously in the middle of the town and has some interesting coastguard and RNLI displays and selections of old photographs relating to local history.

Withernsea Lighthouse and Museum

Withernsea Lighthouse and Museum

The Bayle Museum in Bridlington is located in the old gateway to Bridlington Priory, itself a victim of his royal humpingness, Henry VIII. It is dedicated to the history of the town of Bridlington.

The Bayle Gate, Bridlington

The Bayle Gate, Bridlington

All three museums give a great flavour of times past on the coast and are open now, for the season. Check websites for details.

In addition to the museums I made shameless use of three libraries when researching “Close to the Edge” – these were Hornsea, Bridlington and Beverley libraries. Since libraries seem to be becoming endangered species I’d just like to say that without their helpful staff and the ability to plunder their resources I wouldn’t have been able to write “Close to the Edge.” Thank you one and all.

Close to the Edge – Tales from the Holderness Coast is scheduled for publication as an e-book on 1 June and will be available from Amazon – that is gremlins permitting.

Thank Goodness for Libraries

Arrived home late last night to find the internet crisis unresolved. As it was too late to make urgent pleas for help from anyone I know I fiddled around for a couple of hours convinced that if I couldn’t get ADSL type Broadband I’d be able to get Wireless through my hub. Eventually I gave up – I mean if my laptop says its connected to Wireless isn’t it reasonable to suppose one can access the internet? Apparently not one of my extra-techie friends enlightened me in a rather amused and patronising tone. Ha! What a simpleton I am when it comes to matters techie. How was I going to get my 40 a day internet fixes?

So buzzing around like a wasp in a jam jar I eventually settled on our local library. Now I haven’t really hung out in libraries for a good few years – ever since I transferred my love and loyalty to the www. world so I didn’t really have any very high expectations. What a delightful surprise. Friendly reception, books of every genre I’ve ever heard of and some I hadn’t; reference area packed with stuff I can use for a local history book I’m writing and…best of all…7 computers and 3 shared printers…all for FREE! Now I think that’s pretty awesome for a one horse seaside town where even the horse has left. So despite all that, it’s good to know my hard-earned council tax pennies haven’t been totally wasted. If you have a local library make sure you don’t lose it to budget cuts.

Now I’m back on line I’ve booked some sessions for tomorrow so some sort of normal service may be resumed. I wouldn’t like to deprive my legions of followers of my pearls of wisdom. The only fly in the ointment is the fact that I’m crap with passwords – so crap in fact that they’re all stored in LastPass vault and I can’t get at the master password that’ll let me get up and at ’em. So I guess I’m going to have to make a list of all the passwords I remember devising and try each out in turn. I’ll probably get locked out of the sites and then I’ll get locked up for obscene language!